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Employer’s Choice Solutions was established in 1999 in Port Charlotte, Florida as one of the first Professional Employer Organization (PEO) brokerage firms in the country.

It was founded by Joni Prose, who has over 26 years’ experience dealing with exclusively the PEO marketplace which includes Workers Compensation, Health Insurance, Payroll Processing, Health Benefits, Human Resource and other services associated with PEO platforms.

Unlike other PEO brokerage firms, Employer’s Choice truly offers concierge-level service. We spend time with our key contacts to ascertain a goal in mind and put together a strategic plan for the best optimal outcome. We have different levels of service to fit your unique needs.

By having your own liaison involved in your annual comparison process, you have access to e-mail trails between you and the PEO’s in the mix (Having a 3rd party is sometimes necessary). Going through the due diligence process can be arduous and daunting-especially when you are dealing with multiple PEO’s each year. We are here to help you with the educating our prospects on the changing environment of PEO’s in the country.

Overall, we’re here to help you make the most informed decisions when it comes to all of the moving pieces involved which is Payroll Processing, Workman’s Compensation coverage, Benefit packages and Human Resource items that are unique to your company and that come up during the course of each year.

We only release information to pre-vetted PEO’s and do not blanket the universe with your private and your employees’ private information. In today’s day and age, privacy is key as to whom you release information to and we never release information to a PEO without first discussing the strategy involved with you.

This is important because:

Sometimes a business owner likes to obtain quotes on their own and we welcome that approach if you’d like to retain some control as to whom you have in the mix. We also offer services that involve the client paying us directly in lieu of a PEO commission should that model fit better for your needs as sometimes you need to keep your current PEO.

We can offer a one time fee for our assistance on projects or we can structure a monthly or quarterly fee for our services which specifically are outlined in detailed rate sheet for you upon request by contacting us.

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