For Solutions That Make Sense!

There are a lot of moving parts when discussing topics that are included with a PEO platform which are unique to your company. PAYROLL, BENEFITS and WORKMAN’S COMPENSATION CODES just to name a few along with timeline of obtaining pre-qualified PEO proposal/quotes
In this part of the process, we are here to LISTEN.



For Solutions That Make Sense!

After we gather the necessary information needed, we build out possible short/long term solutions.

In this part of the process, we discuss with you the best PEO’s we have in mind from our current lineup of PEO’s at this point.

If you wish to work directly with a PEO we do not want to duplicate an application as it can cause complications for approval through Underwriting Departments and this is always allowed-just let us know and it is common so do not feel like you cannot treat us like someone in your very own office working for you.



For Solutions That Make Sense!

We can add any PEO’s you are working with in the mix along side our quotes with integrity. We go over the numbers until you are 100% comfortable with the understanding and schematics.

DUE DILIGENCE ITEMS: Often times there are other items you require that are not necessarily monetary such as schematics with Benefits or Compliance Items unique to your needs. We keep records of e-mails and are present in verbal meetings taking notes for later reference should you need them for a back reference during the due diligence process.



For Solutions That Make Sense!

We are here to answer questions regarding the onboarding process and what is “normal” in the PEO environment as far as procedures and forms so that you have another layer of a point person when filling out certain forms.

If you feel stuck or lost in the proccess, you can always count on us to be there to help you find the answers or the next step needed to continue your onboarding process.



For Solutions That Make Sense!

This is typically discussed in the Strategy portion of the process and determined after you become a client. We are paid residually by the PEO; however, no client is too small or large for us to allot what your needs are.

Some of our clients wish us to check their invoices weekly, other a call on a quarterly or annual basis and other clients prefer working directly with a PEO without our continued support.

It’s always up to you how you wish to proceed, and you can always change it up down the road.


You receive our ongoing Newsletters about what is going on in the PEO and related field industry news.

Keeping a pulse on Compliance and other newsworthy items are sometimes provided by PEO providers; but in some cases, they are not.


Continual support as far as watching stability factors of providers. Adding new and eliminating PEO’s on a monthly basis.

We have been with some of our PEO’s for 20 years and have worked with the same internal staff at their PEO so have a mainstream and track record of keeping you on track with getting what you need when you need it.

Copy us on your e-mails for requests such as Loss Run Reports or any other special reports, etc. and we monitor this to ensure you e-mails are answered in a timely fashion.

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